3 Ways to Utilise Your Conservatory During Lockdown

3 Ways to Utilise Your Conservatory During Lockdown

During the coronavirus outbreak, many of us have been forced to work from home, stay at home and introduce social distancing measures into our lives. Spending such a long period of time stuck indoors can be hugely frustrating, and could potentially turn your serene, tidy household into a chaotic mess.

If you are struggling with social distancing and miss the familiar comfort of your local coffee shop or restaurant, you’ll love these 3 easy tips showing you how to turn your conservatory into the ultimate multi-functional space.


Home Office

Why not utilise the space in your conservatory by using it as your workspace? It’s great to separate your ‘work’ area from ‘home’ areas such as your bedroom; this helps to weaken the mental association between your home and the stress of work, making it easier for your brain to unwind and relax at the end of the working day.


Reading Nook

If you need somewhere to unwind on a Sunday afternoon with a cup to tea and your favourite novel or magazine, why not turn your conservatory into a reading nook? It’s perfectly lit so you won’t strain your eyes, and is removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household. All you need is some comfy seating and a table for the biscuits! Bliss!


Yoga Studio

Are you missing your weekly stretching session? Perhaps your Downward Dog has gone missing?
Why not grab your yoga mat and use your conservatory as a studio? With easy temperature control and uplifting light and brightness, your conservatory is a great place to work out or meditate. Namaste!


Feel like you’re missing out?

If you need extra space without the hassle of an extension, why not consider a conservatory from Inspired Windows and Conservatories? Our beautifully crafted conservatories are available in an unbeaten range of styles, finishes and colours, and can be made-to-measure to fit seamlessly with your home. No matter how much or little space you have, our bespoke variety of modern and traditional style conservatories are the perfect addition to your home.

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