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Conservatory Confusion over New Build Rules

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Conservatory Confusion over New Build Rules

You may have heard in the news and in the media recent stories about conservatories being banned to help reduce their impact on the environment. Although these new rules won’t be implemented until June this year, there has been lots of confusion from homeowners about whether they will be able to complete their plans of building conservatories in the future. We are here to fact check these rumours and give you peace of mind about the future of conservatory installation in the UK.

What are the new climate rules?

From June this year, any conservatory built as part of a new build home will have to demonstrate that it does not overheat in summer in an attempt to future-proof homes across the UK against rising temperatures.

What is ‘unwanted solar gain’?

The buzzword which we have been hearing in the media about conservatories and their impact on the environment is the phrase ‘unwanted solar gain’ – but what does this mean? As part of the new UK climate laws, the government acknowledges that as the world warms up, the UK is likely to experience hotter summers, with predictions of up to 40 degrees Celsius, meaning that glass conservatories would become unbearably hot and uncomfortable. This ‘unwanted solar gain’ is what the government is trying to avoid through this new legislation.

Will I have to get rid of my conservatory?

The short answer is – no! These new rules only apply to new build developments from June 2022 onwards. If you already have a conservatory or are planning to build one to extend your current home in the future, you will be completely unaffected by these changes. Phew!

Can I still build a conservatory on my new build property from June 2022?

If your conservatory shows that it will not create ‘unwanted solar gain’ (through heat reflecting glass and other thermally efficient materials), you are still allowed to install one on your property without being affected by the rules. If you are unsure about the specifications of your future conservatory, contact your installers, who should be happy to provide more information.

What else do the new climate rules change?

The new climate change rules, which have been brought on as a result of lobbying from climate change groups such as the Climate Change Committee, also aim to improve domestic ventilation, decrease greenhouse gases by 30%, and limit window sizes in new build homes (also to reduce unwanted solar gain).

Last year, the Climate Change Committee cautioned that the summer heatwave we experienced in the UK in 2018 was likely to occur every other year by 2050 as a result of climate change and increasing global temperatures. These new rules aim to future-proof homes against the effects of climate change by ensuring that the materials used to build windows and conservatories in new homes are thermally efficient and reflect heat during these predicted hotter summers.

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