How To Draught-Proof Your Home This Winter


As winter approaches, draughts that went unnoticed during the warm summer months begin to creep into our homes. If you aren’t quite ready to yield to the central heating, try these draught-proofing tips to help keep the cold out and your living space cosy all year round.


Draught-Proofing Your Windows


Even the tiniest gaps can cause precious warm air to leak from your home in a flash, costing you a significant amount in heating bills. Windows can often be one of the biggest culprits for draughtiness in homes, with poorly installed window frames or old single glazing causing an unwelcome breeze.


To help keep your home warm during the colder months, there are some simple DIY tasks that you can do without the help or cost of a professional. Draught-proofing strips, available as self-adhesive foam tape or a plastic strip with a brush, can be very effective at eliminating cold air from entering gaps between your window frame and window. These strips can be found at DIY stores or online and are very easy to install.


However, foam strips are typically not as effective for homes featuring sliding sash windows due to the design of the window. If your sliding sash windows are letting in a nasty draught, try using metal or plastic strips with brushes, or contact Inspired Windows and Conservatories to discuss replacing your windows with more energy efficient models.


When installing DIY draught exclusion materials in your home, be cautious in rooms where lots of moisture is produced (i.e., the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room). Ventilation systems such as extraction fans and trickle vents above windows are vital to reduce humidity and prevent a build-up of mould and mildew. Blocking these vents with silicone sealants or filler could result in your room acquiring unsightly mould. If you are unsure, consult the experts at Inspired Windows and Conservatories.


If your standard-fitting uPVC windows are still draughty after implementing draught-proofing measures, it might be time to replace your glazing. At Inspired Windows and Conservatories our windows are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills and keeping your home cosy all year round.


Shut Out Draughts from Doors


Front doors are also one of the biggest offenders when it comes to letting in a draught. Doors are full of gaps and holes that help make your door more functional, such as keyholes and letterboxes, but these features can increase heating costs if not managed during the winter months.


Escutcheons, also known as keyhole covers, are a simple way to block draughts entering through the keyhole in your front door. These accessories are easy to install and can be found in most DIY or hardware stores.


Letterboxes can also be amended to eliminate draughts by installing a letterbox flap or letterbox brush. This feature allows the letterbox aspect to remain functional, whilst stopping draughts from entering your home when the letterbox is not in use.


If your front door has been poorly fitted with gaps around the sides or bottom of your door, you can use draught-excluding brushes or door curtains to shield your home from cold draughts.


Alternatively, you could consider replacing your front door with a weatherproof, durable, and secure composite or uPVC front door from Inspired Windows and Conservatories. Featuring multi-point locking systems and made-to-measure to fit your home, our selection of bespoke doors is the perfect way to draught-proof the entrance to your home.


Consider Installing a Porch


A porch can help to shield your home from wind and rain, with enclosed porches also providing a space to remove coats and shoes without causing a draught. If you are looking to make your home cosier this winter, Inspired Windows and Conservatories can help.


Add value and space to your home whilst increasing your home’s insulation properties with a made-to-measure porch from Inspired Windows and Conservatories. Available in an array of styles and colours, our selection of bespoke porches is manufactured in the UK and can offer multi-point locking systems for your security and peace of mind.


If your home is north-facing and particularly exposed to the elements, a tiled roof porch offers the best thermal efficiency to help eliminate draughts and keep your home cosy all year round. To find out more about our porches, complete our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the best options for your property.


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