An Expert’s Guide to Energy Efficient Windows


Want to save money on your energy bills? Investing in great quality windows and doors for your home is the best way to keep the cold out during winter! Our expert installers are here to help you break down the jargon and find the best energy efficient solution for your home. The benefits of choosing energy efficient windows for your home include:


Ambient Temperature All Year Round

Energy efficient windows reduce heat loss, keeping your home warm during winter. These high-performance glass panels also reflect excess heat during summer, preventing your home from becoming uncomfortable and stuffy.


Saving Money on Your Energy Bills

With less energy escaping through draughty windows and doors, your home reduces the amount of energy it needs to stay warm, saving you money!


Peace and Quiet, At Last

Another benefit of energy efficient glass is that it also helps to block out noise pollution when windows are closed. If you live near a busy road or in a highly populated area, these impressive windows also insulate your home against external noise.


Energy Efficient Window Styles

Inspired Windows and Conservatories’ range of energy efficient windows are available in a wide range of frame materials, styles and are made-to-measure to fit your requirements. Each frame material has its own benefits, so if you are unsure which style to go for, chat to our helpful design team today!

Whether you are looking for low-maintenance uPVC, elegant and traditional-looking timber frames, or lightweight and long-lasting aluminium windows, you are guaranteed to find your perfect bespoke energy efficient windows with Inspired Windows and Conservatories.


Understanding Energy Ratings


An energy rating is a score that shows how efficient a product is at retaining heat. The energy rating scale ranges from A++ to E. If your home has a lower energy rating, it will take less energy to heat, meaning that your home is cheaper to run. By investing in windows and doors that trap heat during the colder months and limit the penetration of the sun’s rays in summer, your home will be at a more comfortable and ambient temperature all year round. Say goodbye to draughty front doors and stuffy front rooms!

The most energy efficient type of glass as recommended by the Energy Saving Trust is low-emissivity (low-e) glass. This glass has a thin coating of metal oxide invisible to the human eye, which reflects heat back into the home whilst still allowing light in from the outside.  At Inspired Windows and Conservatories, we use industry-leading Pilkington K glass, a renowned low-e glazing that effectively reflects heat. All of our windows and doors are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency as standard, so when you buy with Inspired Windows and Conservatories, you can have peace of mind that our high-performance glass will keep your home insulated and save you money on your energy bills.


About Inspired Windows and Conservatories


Inspired Windows and Conservatories has provided energy efficient, hassle free window, door, and conservatory installation to customers across the South Coast since 1994. Located in Eastleigh, Inspired Windows and Conservatories is the one stop shop for all your supply and installation needs, whether you’re looking for new windows, a conservatory, a new porch or a veranda. With an unbeaten catalogue of styles, finishes, and designs and an expert installation team, we provide high quality, professional supply and installation services that transform and add value to your home.


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