How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

Maintaining your home can seem like a chore, but knowing the right time to upgrade or replace parts of your home is a great way to avoid unexpected costs. Investing in high quality products like Inspired Windows and Conservatories’ collection of windows and double glazing can help you maintain energy efficiency and security in your home, save money on your energy bills, and help prevent avoidable damage to your property. 



How Long Do Windows Last? 


The life expectancy of your windows will depend on the materials used, your environment, and the quality of the installation. For example, some windows on coastal properties experience accelerated corrosion due to the aggressive nature of salty air. When professionally installed, uPVC windows can last for at least two decades, and timber and aluminium frames can last for even longer. Due to advancements in thermal insulation technology, windows and double glazing installed more than 20 years ago are more likely to need replacing prematurely, as the installation techniques and quality of frames and glass before the turn of the century were not of the same quality as we see today.  



Signs That Your Windows May Need Replacing 


If you begin to notice draughts around your window frames, condensation, or poor functionality when opening and closing your windows, you may want to consider speaking to an expert like our team at Inspired Windows and Conservatories. Knowing the right time to replace your windows is vital, and fixing any problems as soon as possible often helps to prevent further long term issues with your glazing. 


Not all problems with your window frames and glazing will require a full replacement, and issues such as wobbly handles can often be fixed at a much lower cost, but ensuring that your windows help reduce noise pollution, keep the heat in during summer and protect your home furnishings from damaging UV rays is essential. 


If your windows are more than 20 years old, it is likely that you have noticed at least one of the above problems, and it might be time for an upgrade. To speak to one of our glazing experts to find the best option to suit your home, contact us today by completing our contact form, or send us an email to info@live-in-design.co.uk .  



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