How to Choose the Right Style of Conservatory for your Home

With such a wide range of styles available, choosing the right conservatory can be overwhelming. If you are struggling to find the perfect design to match your household aesthetic, Inspired Windows and Conservatories are here to help. Experts at sourcing and installing bespoke, high-quality conservatories, we are here to help you choose a new conservatory that seamlessly complements your home, traditional and modern builds alike.


Traditional Homes

A 2018 survey by independent consumer body Which? revealed that 31% of participants said that the key reason for buying a conservatory was to bridge the gap between their home and garden. For traditional or period-style properties, finding a conservatory that flatters your home can seem like an impossible task. Many popular designs of conservatories are boxy, bright and made from lightweight aluminium or uPVC, giving them a sleek, modern feel. However, with a bit of guidance from one of our experienced conservatory experts, the traditional conservatory of your dreams is just a click away.


Victorian Conservatories

Typical of the classic style of traditional conservatories, the Victorian conservatory usually offers a high, ornate roof, lots of natural light and a faceted or rounded appearance. This style of conservatory works well with both modern and traditional style homes, but its ornate features are usually preferred by those with a taste for traditional styles. This style of conservatory also suits larger spaces, as its ornate design often features a bay-fronted shape.

Like all Inspired Windows and Conservatories conservatories, the Victorian conservatory can be customised completely, with your choice of either floor to ceiling glass, or dwarf walling. If you prefer the homely, elegant aesthetic of a timber finish, we offer a variety of windows, doors and frames in a stunning range of finishes and colours to choose from.


Gable Fronted Conservatories

Gable Fronted conservatories, also known as Pavilion conservatories, are square or rectangular designs which feature an apex with two sloping and one vertical side, reminiscent of the gable end of a house, or a traditional pavilion. This style of conservatory, similar to the Victorian style, flatters a period-style home the best.

When choosing a traditional style Gable Fronted conservatory from Inspired Windows and Conservatories, you can choose to either feature the minimal detailing of Edwardian conservatories, or the ornate cornices and corbelling of Victorian styles. Whichever accents you prefer, a Gable Fronted conservatory lets in a lot of natural light, works well with dwarf walling, and is fully customisable with an assortment of finishes and colours to choose from.


Modern Homes

For those with more contemporary homes, a traditional, ornate style of conservatory may seem ill-fitting and old-fashioned. Industry-leading manufacturer Ultraframe has found that more and more homeowners with contemporary homes are favouring a post-modern approach to home design and décor, by contrasting modern structural design with a traditional interior, using materials such as raw wood and natural fibres.

The below conservatory designs give a more contemporary feel that can be customised to suit your personal style, with an unbeatable range of high-quality finishes and colours to choose from.


Edwardian Conservatories

Unlike the ornate Victorian style, Edwardian conservatories often are built in square are rectangular designs. With the shape of the foundation reflected in the pitched roof shape, this style of conservatory functions to display as much natural light as possible with a clear view of the outside. Edwardian conservatories are perfect if you want to show off a beautiful garden, featuring dwarf walling and clerestory windows at the top of the frame. Edwardian conservatories often feature a horned decorative ridge-line, which can be customised to be as simple or ornate as you like.


Lean-to Conservatories

Also known as a Mediterranean conservatory, the Lean-to style is one of the most popular styles in the UK. Loved for its simplistic design, ability to function in small spaces and modern, airy feel, a Lean-to conservatory is perfect for homes with a small amount of outdoor space, as most houses can host a Lean-to style. A typical Lean-to conservatory features three full glass sides and a single flat pane angled roof. The rectangular shape of this Mediterranean style gives it functional flexibility, making it the perfect addition to any home.


With a breath-taking variety of bespoke designs to choose from, Inspired Windows and Conservatories conservatories can be customised to suit the style of any home. For a truly seamless extension of your space that surpasses the quality of any off-the-shelf model, contact Inspired Windows and Conservatories today for a quote on 02380 649681 or email office@inspiredwindowsanddoors.co.uk.


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Inspired Windows and Conservatories has provided premium conservatory, window and door installation to customers across the South Coast since 1994. Located in Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Inspired Windows and Conservatories is the one stop shop for all your supply and installation needs. With an unbeaten catalogue of styles, finishes and designs and an expert installation team, we provide high quality, professional home improvement services that transform and add value to your home.

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