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How to Keep Your Conservatory Cooler in Summer

Conservatory in the sunshine

How to Keep Your Conservatory Cooler in Summer

Most of us love to see the sunshine outside, brightening up everyone’s day, but how will your conservatory bear with the heat of the sun? We’ve got some useful tips and advice on how to keep your conservatory cooler this summer.


Why do conservatories get so hot in the summer?

Conservatories are made with glass panels; glass is an insulator that allows light and invisible UV rays through with difficulty to escape, meaning that your lovely conservatory will soon heat up with the summer sun beating down on it all day. So how can you still enjoy your conservatory in the heat of the summer without it being stiflingly hot? Follow our top tips on how to regulate the temperature of your conservatory this summer.


How to keep your conservatory cool in style

One of the simplest ways to keep your conservatories temperature down in the summer is by adding conservatory blinds. Not only can blinds add some aesthetically pleasing touches to your conservatory but they can also help regulate the temperature too.

How do blinds help keep your conservatory cooler? Extending your blinds will help keep your conservatory cooler throughout the day by shading it from the sun and its UV rays. The best idea is to lower your blinds before the sun rises and if possible, keep them lowered throughout the night with some windows open to help ventilate the air.


How to keep your conservatory cool with ventilation

Of course, we all know that opening your windows is a great way to keep any room cool, but only if the temperature outside is cooler. If your conservatory is hotter than the outside temperature, open your windows and let that breeze in, but if your conservatory is cooler than outside, keep the windows closed. If you open the windows when it’s hotter outside, you’ll simply be letting warmer air in and defeating the whole objective of keeping it cooler.

If you can safely keep windows open at night, close them in the morning before the sun rises and use a fan to circulate the existing cool air. But please bear in mind that open windows can leave you vulnerable to burglary, so we’d recommend purchasing some deadlock window safety restrictors.


Modernise your conservatory to keep it cool

By far the best way to keep your conservatory cool in the summer is with modern energy efficient upgrades to your roof, windows, and doors. This doesn’t mean you need a whole new conservatory, our experts at Inspired Windows and Conservatories can simply replace existing, outdated features with new modern editions. Conservatory refurbishments are a great way for you to enjoy your beloved conservatory all year round, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


If you’d like more information on conservatories, contact us today about our conservatory installations and refurbishments.

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