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How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm in Winter

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How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm in Winter

As the colder weather starts to creep in, you may notice a stark decrease in temperature of your conservatory. If you do notice that your conservatory doesn’t seem to be retaining heat, there are some useful methods that you can try to improve the thermal efficacy of your conservatory.

From updating the roofing and glazing to adding blinds to thick pile rugs, we have a handy guide on how to keep your conservatory warmer this winter.


Enjoy your conservatory in the winter

A conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home in the wintertime, it enables you to bring the outside in and enjoy the scenery of the garden from the sanctuary of your home. But, if your conservatory is cold, it won’t be an inviting place for you or your family to enjoy in the chilly winter months.

Don’t abandon your conservatory this year, enjoy it. Look at some of our helpful ideas on how to make your conservatory warmer this year. From cost effective additions to higher priced instructional improvements, we highlight ways to improve the temperature of your conservatory this winter.


3 cost effective ways to keep your conservatory warm

Draught-proof your conservatory

Draught-proofing is a great way to improve your conservatory’s temperature and save on your energy bills. Draughts bring in the cold directly into your conservatory and can significantly and rapidly reduce the room temperature.

Blocking out chilly draughts can be as simple as laying a material draught excluder at the bottom of your conservatory doors, sealing windows and door frames with self-adhesive foam strips, or installing a keyhole cover.


Install curtains or blinds in your conservatory

Installing blinds or curtains in your conservatory is an advantage in both the Winter and Summer. In the Winter, the material creates a barrier that will reduce heat transfer, adding an extra layer between your cosy conservatory and the cold outdoor conditions (and they look nice too).

During the Summer, on the other hand, covering windows means that the heat from the sun will not enter your conservatory, keeping it cool. It also means that you will not have to be faced with a frustrating glare while sitting in the conservatory on brighter days.


Add rugs and soft furnishings to your conservatory

Floor tiles can get very cold and sap any warmth out of your conservatory, so adding a couple of rugs in the winter can be a great way to quickly, and cost effectively help retain some heat.

Also, the addition of cushions and warm blankets or throws can be a great way to keep you warm in your conservatory and add that cosy feeling too.


3 investments to make your conservatory warmer

Update your conservatory’s glazing

If your conservatory is more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance that it will only contain single glazed windows. Single glazed windows can contribute to large heat loss in your conservatory.

Updating your windows to double glazing can significantly improve the conservatory’s ability to retain heat and prevent cold air from entering. Double glazing, contains two pieces of glass that trap the air, creating a barrier between your conservatory and the cold outside.


Replace your conservatory’s roofing

Many conservatories are built entirely from glass or contain uPVC roofs, which can lose significant amounts of heat. Whereas conservatories built with tiled roofs are more energy-efficient and not only keep you warm in the winter but can also keep you cool in the Summer too.

While the cost of replacing a conservatory roof will initially be an expensive one, installing a tiled roof with the latest insulation technology will see you will reap the rewards of saving money on future energy bills. At Inspired Windows and Conservatories, our bespoke replacement conservatory roof service gives you peace of mind that your conservatory will stay at an ambient temperature all year round.


Change your conservatory’s flooring

If your conservatory features either tiled or wooden flooring, then it is more than likely that this is having a significant impact on the temperature of the room.

Wooden and tiled flooring is unable to retain much heat – and the little heat that it does hold is unlikely to stick around for more than a few hours. Replacing your flooring with carpet can be a quick and effective way to insulate your conservatory.

Carpets contain millions of individual fibres which can trap air, ultimately, providing the material with fantastic thermal insulating properties.


If you are considering extending your living space through the addition of a conservatory or looking to increase the efficiency of your conservatory, the team at Inspired Windows and Conservatories is here to help. Having provided conservatories, doors, and windows in Hampshire to hundreds of clients, we are dedicated to bringing your conservatory vision to life.

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