Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

Has the scorching summer weather caused your conservatory to feel stuffy and humid? If your living space is unbearably hot during the summer, your conservatory is probably due an upgrade.

Many older conservatories are constructed with glass or polycarbonate panels, which allow plenty of natural light and are relatively cost effective. However, these materials conduct heat and can cause a blistering glare during sunnier weather, as well as being incredibly noisy during heavy rain, and more prone to leaks. Instead of replacing your entire conservatory, replacement roof panels from Inspired Windows and Conservatories can help to reflect heat and keep your living space an ambient temperature all year round.


The Classicroof™

The Classicroof™ by Ultraframe is fitted with high performance glazing which effectively reflects heat and reduces glare during summer. These smart glazed panels can be made to measure to fit your existing conservatory frame, mitigating the cost of an entire conservatory replacement. Find out more about the Classicroof™ here.


Solid Roof Conservatories

Another great roof replacement option for those who prefer the style of a sunroom or extension is a tiled conservatory roof replacement. Inspired Windows and Conservatories offers a number of solid roof replacement options including the Guardian Tiled Roof and the Supalite Roof, both of which offer impressive temperature control, bespoke tiling options and hassle-free installation.


The Livin Roof

If you’re looking for a combination of both solid and glazed roof panels, the Livin Roof is your perfect choice. Offering both natural light and impressive solar control technology, the Livin Roof reflects heat in the summer, and keeps your living space cosy during the winter. Perfect for creating the ultimate multi-functional space, the Livin Roof ticks all of the boxes for those wanting a conservatory with an extra-special edge.

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Temporary Quick-Fixes

If replacing your conservatory roof isn’t an option, there are some quick fixes which will temporarily keep your conservatory cooler until you can find a more sustainable solution. Installing an air conditioning unit or fan in your conservatory isn’t very cost-effective but will certainly help to keep you cool if you choose to use your conservatory during the warmer months. Other short-term solutions to keep you cool include:

  • Add tinted film to glass panels
  • Keep windows open on hot days
  • Use blinds to create shade

For more information about our range of bespoke conservatory roof replacements, call our friendly team on 02380 273 380 or email office@live-in-design.co.uk.


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