Window Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Struggling to get that crystal-clear finish when you clean your windows? Our team have got some expert tips to help brighten your living space and achieve the perfect panes.

As the seasons change and the sun begins to shine, you may begin to notice that your windows are in need of a good clean. Wind, rain, dust and dirt accumulate over time making your living space look gloomy and dark. This can be easily fixed with some simple household products!


Window Cleaning Do’s

Here’s some expert tips to help you achieve the perfect shine.


Clean with a squeegee

Instead of using a regular sponge, invest in a mounted squeegee to wipe your windows clean. These inexpensive tools should be used in a backwards ‘S’ shape to sweep away any dirt or excess water and should be wiped regularly to avoid smearing. These handy tools will make your life easier, and make your windows look cleaner!


Dry with a microfibre cloth

Once you’ve used your squeegee to clean the windows, you need to dry them to avoid streaks! Instead of using a towel, use a microfibre cloth to avoid getting lint and fluff all over your freshly washed windows.


Buff with newspaper/brown paper

This is the oldest trick in the book! To give your windows the ultimate shine, buff your dry windows with some scrunched-up newspaper or brown paper in a circular motion. We don’t know why it works, but it works!


Don’t forget your frames and curtains/blinds!

Now that your windowpanes are sparkling clean, finish the job by wiping the frames with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or cobwebs. Also, take this opportunity to damp-dust your blinds, and if your windows are dressed with curtains, pop them into the washing machine or give them a healthy spray with Febreze.


Window Cleaning Don’ts

Although cleaning your windows seems simple in theory, many people make the same mistakes that leave their windows a streaky, grimy mess. Here are some common window cleaning pitfalls:


Too much soap

This is one of the most common window-cleaning mistakes! Although a soapy solution such as washing-up liquid helps to cut through grease and dirt, too many bubbles will leave a residue on your window panes that will attract more dust upon drying.


Pro Tip – Use a specialist window-cleaning solution to wipe your windows! You can find these at most supermarkets. These formulas don’t lather up as much as dish soap and will leave less streaks!


Washing windows on a warm day

Sunny weather may seem like the perfect time to spend the afternoon outside washing your windows, however hot weather is a window-washer’s enemy! If it is too warm outside, wet windows will begin to dry too quickly, leaving behind dreaded streaks!


Pro Tip – We recommend cleaning your windows on a cloudy day when the weather isn’t too warm. This will prevent the hot sun from ruining your hard work!


Using a scraper on dry glass

If your windows have stubborn residue such as paint or stickers, it is tempting to use a scraper to remove most of the excess before washing your windows with soap or a cleaning solution. Using a scraper on dry glass is a sure-fire way to scratch your panes, which is unsightly and can be expensive to fix!


Pro Tip – When using a scraper on your windows, wet them first to allow the scraper to ‘glide’ across the surface. This prevents any scratches and helps to lift stubborn residue.



Do you have any window cleaning tips? We’d love to hear them!


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